Is High School Banning of eCigeratte justified

teenager smoking e-cigBanning the electronic cigarette in high school is a terrible idea. Sometimes, electronic cigarettes are the only things holding teenagers back from smoking the real thing. Any anti-smoking device is a good one.

Electronic cigarettes provide an alternative to smoking real tobacco products, and if the authorities can do anything to keep cigarettes out of the hands of minors, then that’s a good thing. They don’t want to go in the opposite direction, and start making teenagers have to buy real cigarettes at the store. If teenagers can’t hold back their nicotine cravings, they will try to get them any way they can. Unfortunately, that may end up in real cigarettes if they’re not allowed to smoke electronic cigarettes.

During Classes

Of course, students shouldn’t be allowed to vaporize electronic cigarettes during classes, but, then again, they shouldn’t be allowed to do anything disruptive during classes. It just falls into that category. However, they should be allowed to go outside and use them during breaks. It’s just like anything else. They should be given the freedom to vaporize something that’s a real alternative to real traditional tobacco cigarettes. Why let them keep smoking the real cigarettes if they’re choosing to vaporize electronic cigarettes?

There’s some science out there that suggests that electronic cigarettes are not as harmless as they were once thought. However, they’re still a whole lot better than traditional cigarettes. If teachers and administrators have the choice, then they shouldn’t hesitate to allow electronic cigarettes. If they’re smoking them at school, then they’re going to be smoking them outside of school too. They’re not going to be doing anything to stop the behavior. So, as long as it’s not disruptive to the classroom process, then they should be allowed.

Stay off real cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes aren’t the enemy. They’re the one thing that are going to help some students stay off of the real cigarettes. Administrators need to take a wiser and more judicious approach to it. They shouldn’t just choose to do a knee-jerk reaction and ban electronic cigarettes outright, just because they look a little bad at first blush.

They’re probably a whole lot safer than traditional cigarettes, and principals and teachers should take stock of the differences. They should account for the efforts that students are trying to make in curbing their smoking habits, and they should help them stay off of cigarettes by avoiding them with alternative cigarette substitutes that are electronic.

If you are unsure on this issue, then read an e-cigarette review and see if it’s really something that has any merit. There are e cigarette cartridges and e cigarette kits to choose from out there. There’s virtually no limit to them! The cheapest e cigarette may not be the best one though, so try to find one from a reputable American company.


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