The Difference between Vaporizers, Cartomizers and Cartridges

cartomizer vs cartridges digramElectronic cigarettes are all the rage now and even celebrities are moving onto this safer smoking habit as opposed to tobacco filled products.

These smoking devices come with a lot of terms and these can be confusing to a first time user or people who are interesting in ditching that cigarette stick for this electronic device. Some of the most prominent terms you see being floated around e-cigarette review sites are cartridges, cartomizers and vaporizers.

Today we try to shed light on these complex terms and simplify them in plain English.


Cartomizers can be found in most of the e cigarettes you find in the market and these come with the following main parts:

  • Built-in Atomizer
  • Cartridge
  • Silicon/plastic tip

A cartomizer is basically an atomizer that has been wrapped around polyfil. Cartomizers are a combination of an atomizer and cartridge with a heating element included. Cartomizers are often preferred by many since they tend to produce more vapors as opposed to cartridges.

The good thing about cartomizers is that they are cheap and also make changing flavor very easy. They need proper cleaning failure to which the polyfil can alter the flavor. It is easy to identify a cartomizer as it usually has a screw pattern at the bottom.


E cigarette cartridges are now referred to as old technology. You can easily identify a cartridge as it tends to be exposed at the bottom and does not have the screw lining that comes with cartomizers.

Below are some facts on cartridges:

  • There are different types
  • They are usually cheaper than cartomizers
  • They are easily available

When it comes to cartridges, you are dealing with older technology. For starters, they do not really work as they should and though most manufacturers say that they can produce up to 20 smoking sessions, you will be lucky if they even produce half that number.

The good thing about cartridges is that they are cheap and therefore readily available in the market with various vapour flavours as well. The cartridge holds the liquid and allows liquid to pass through the atomizer without leaking.  You can choose to buy refillable cartridges or pre-filled ones.


An e cigarette is sometimes referred to as a personal vaporiser. The reason why eCigs are known as vaporisers is because they basically hold water vapour which is what brings about the smoking experience.

Vaporizers consist of:

  • Cartridge
  • Atomiser
  • Battery

Since it is an electric device, personal vaporisers come with a kit that contains the cartridge, atomiser and battery. The cartridge varies and as indicated above more and more people are moving to use cartomizers and opposed to traditional cartridges.

There are many brands out there and knowing what is in these e cigarette kits helps you stay informed on what to expect and look out for. Are you wondering where to buy e cartridges? Well there are various places you can get these cigarette alternatives and these include department stores, drug stores and online stores as well.

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