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Apollo is among the top ten of e-cigarettes when you look at overall customer satisfaction. The company provides a wide array of products including starter kits, e-liquid, clearomizers, cartomizers, disposables, batteries, accessories, and a few nice incentives.

What’s in the starter kits

Apollo offers five different starter kits: Standard, Extreme, Superior Ego, VTube, and eSlim.

  • Standard kit offers 2 batteries, a 5 pack of standard flavor cartridges, a USB charger, and wall adapter. Best for light smokers. $69.95
  • Extreme kit offers 2 batteries, a 5 pack of standard flavor cartridges, a USB charger, and wall adapter. Best for heavy smokers. $54.95
  • Superior Ego kit offers 2 batteries, 2 clearomizers, 1 bottle of e-liquid, USB charger, wall adapter, and lanyard pouch. Great for all smokers. $69.95
  • VTube kit V2.0 offers VTube, replaceable battery, battery charger, 1 blank cartomizer, 1 blank clearomizer and a black leather Apollo Carry Case. Best for experienced users. $99.95
  • eSlim Kit offers 2 eSlim batteries, 2 clearomizers, 1 bottle of eliquid, a USB charger, and a wall adapter. Great for all smokers. $69.95
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Top Products

The top product just happens to be the ego kit and all the products created for use with this ecigarette. The reason the kit is so popular is that it works great for light smokers as well as heavy smokers while providing the user with 8 different colors to choose from for the battery and 19 flavors for the eliquid with 5 nicotine strengths.

E-liquid flavors are also top sellers as they offer a 60/40 PG/VG ratio with no water or alcohol added as well as food safe ingredients. A few favorite flavors are the Baja Burst, Berry Blend, and Pina Colada.


The vapor is the best feature of all. The amount of vapor you receive, the flavor, and quality are superior to other brands. Some brands just do not give you the hit you need so you go back to puffing on a regular cigarette. The Apollo gives a powerful hit that will remind of you smoking so much so you may end up coughing. It is truly very much like smoking a regular cigarette due to the quality and amount of vapor. The battery once charged will last a full day, which is better than others on the market.

Another pro is that if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, Apollo provides a 30 day money back guarantee. A one year guarantee is provided on their products except for the clearomizer which is a 2 week guarantee.


The main con is the size of the battery. It is very large and almost cumbersome. It is nothing like holding on to a regular cigarette which may take some getting use to if you want the same look and feel as your old cigarette. The battery is also manual and can accidentally be turned on if you carry your e-cig in your purse or pocket.


The Apollo ego kit is a good overall e-cigarette that is worth the money. However, for new users the experience may not be exactly the best due to the size of the battery.

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