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Smoke free is one of the best e-cigarettes that are in the market. This unique device comes with a lithium rechargeable battery and a cartomizer, which contains an atomizer and a cartridge all in one. The cartomizers is the filter part of the e-cig and it gets screwed on easily to the battery. Once the cartomizer is used it can be disposed and replaced with a new one.

Their kits comes with everything you would need, the battery, USB charger, wall adaptor and a whole bunch of cartomizers that can last for a long time. Although some of their kits can be costly it is definitely worth it, you pay for what you get and with Smoke Free you’re getting quality.  At first I was hesitant in to purchasing it solely on the price because their kits are priced at $129.95 but once I sat down and did the calculations it saves me way more money in a month than traditional cigarettes.  Once you buy the kits and finish the supplies that it comes with you just have to purchase the liquid refills or cartomizers. The liquid refills go for 29.95 for 15ml container and that’s equivalent to 100 refills. The cartomizers go for 14.95 and comes 5 in a pack and that is very reasonable.  I use to buy the cheap e-cigs when I first started and I was spending a fortune all the time but the quality was really bad but once I came across Smoke Free I never looked back.

I am extremely satisfied with my SmokeFreeOnline Electronic Cigarettes and with the quality of it as well. The product speaks for itself; it looks like a real cigarette and tastes way better than one. They have all your favorite flavors of cartomizers and over 30 liquid refill flavors. I have just gotten their new slim clearomizer with passion fruit and pineapple liquid flavor. The clearmoizer uses liquid refills and let me tell you I was blown away with how good the flavor tastes.

The first time I called in the customer care line the representative sat on the phone with me so long that I thought she would get fed up but she was so patient with me and answered all my questions. She even went through all the flavors they have twice and narrowed it down to all the fruity ones, since that’s what I like.

One thing that I am pleased that Smoke Free has and did not see with other e-cigs is their warranty. They actually have a LIFE TIME warranty!! And to top it off they offer free shipping for orders over $100. All in total I am satisfied with Smoke Free’s e-cigs. They absolutely have good quality and lasting products and recommend it to everyone. Oh and did I mention they have Electronic Cigars as well, I got one for my uncle and he loves it!

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