Tips for Finding the Best Electronic Cigarette Brand

e-cig photo with a reviews sloganEveryone has their own individual reason and preference when it comes to which is the best electronic cigarettes.  You might prefer the full-throated variety while your best friend likes the organic – Green – type.

The very first step in choosing what kind you want is to read the electronic cigarettes reviews that are on our site,  The second step is to ask yourself if you want to try a cheap eCigarette or a Premium eCigarette.

What to Look for an eCigarette Review

As you read reviews, ask yourself:

  • Does this seem to be a real consumer or just someone pretending to be a customer
  • Does the review express both the good and bad about the product
  • Is the review on a site that sells just this product brand
  • Is the review done by a site that specializes in reviews of several brands

If the eCigarette review passes your gut test for honesty and integrity, it’s probably a reliable review.  The best sites are those that offer reviews of several brands of the same product.

Cost is Only the Beginning

What is the best eCigarette?  When you start comparing electronic smoking alternatives, the price is only the starting point.

  • Compare everything that comes in each kit – they are seldom identical
  • Compare the prices of cartridge refills – this can vary a lot
  • Check to make sure that the refills provide the same number of vaporizers and the same strength of nicotine if you choose that type
  • Check the estimated time that each battery is expected to last
  •  Look for warranties on batteries and charging devices
  • See if any of the cartridges or vaporizers are interchangeable with other brands

Every manufacturer designs its own products and packages them in their own ways.

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